We perform all the production steps within our organisation and beside that we have yearly 100 million refreshing towel and 70 million stick sugar production capacity in our factory.

 Noble Ambalaj has carried further its experience to give much better  service to its customers by stepping production activities in 2011. With that,  in a short a time  it has achieved being an important player in the sector by  producing printed refreshing towels, stick sugar, printed/unprinted napkins and other packaging products

We present more than  300 products which designed by ourselves in our Büyükbakkalköy located firm to get higher customer satisfaction.

Our customers prefer our firm because of providing high quality and reasonable prices.

We care about the human health and product innovations because we believe that these are the key factors while satisfying customers.

One of our aim is to use higher technological production techniques and perform new investments year by year. With that, honesty is other main factor while satisfying the customers.

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